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Well, if the tables were turned and you had found a very powerful formula for consistently making money from your hobby wouldn't you want to share it with others if it could improve their lives also? Imagine if you could lead a few people to a better quality of life! Imagine if you could help people get out of debt, escape a rut or potentially quit a stinking job they hate. If you can help others then you have a gift worth sharing and that's why I want to share my information with you today.

MY Great Proofing Success...

In early 2019 I was made aware of BetFan. As you may know BetFan are a leading tipster management platform and are constantly headhunting sports betting talent and I proofed my football betting selections to them over almost 8 months to see if the rumours of my success were justified.

I proofed to BetFan between 10th April and 28th November 2019 and below are the results based on points profit...

  • April +11.04 (from 10th)
  • May +15.22
  • June -19.61
  • July +32.67
  • August +7.25
  • September +2.11
  • October +29.97
  • November +57.14 (up to 28th)

Total +135.79 Points

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As you can see above the proofing period made a profit of +135.79!!! Get in there! That's an incredible £1,357.90 at £10 a point or for big bettors a whopping £13,579.00 at £100 a point!

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Full Proofing information is available from April 2019.

Obviously I don't know where you're at when it comes to an available betting bank but I'm sure you can see there's some serious extra cash to be made by following my football betting advice.

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