🌟🌟13 Weeks of MEGA Profits🌟🌟

10th November 2019

Latest News | 🌟🌟13 Weeks of MEGA Profits🌟🌟

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Speed ratings can be a useful tool to have and one tipster that is an expert in this field is the Speedster!

November profits are currently standing at +81.57 points, a very tasty £815.70 if betting to £10 per point stakes! 

Some of the fantastic winners so far this month include... Guitar Pete 5/1, George of Hearts 10/ and Heavy at 12/1!

October landed a healthy +65.52 points!

September was impressive too with +38.89 points!

August saw members make +50.37 points!

A Spectacular +236.35 Points Over The Last 13 Weeks!

🌟🌟Super Profits From Part Time Fun!🌟🌟

Long-term, these speed rated bets have been making regular profits since August 2018 and now total a very nice +566.09.

You get just 2-4 selective bets per day that have the best chance on the clock!

Getting The Value Is The Key To Success...

The Speedster will always be looking to oppose those over bet favourites and go looking for a value each way alternative and there's no need to place 10+ bets every day. Be selective and use the Speedster where quality is always better than quantity!

If you like the idea of making a regular profit then you really must give this service a try, you won't be disappointed!

Click the link below and get onboard with the Speedster...

🌟🌟Super Profits From Part Time Fun!🌟🌟

The service is in superb form there couldn't be a better time to join!

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